Demand for cross-border transportation in Southeast Asia has increased sharply
Cross-border road transport in ASEAN is forecasted to increase sharply thanks to economic recovery and e-commerce boom. As reported by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company in 20022, Southeast Asia’s leading digital economies accounted for $200 billion in total transaction value, up 20% from 2021. Southeast Asia’s online economy is also on track to reach […]
World Bank: ‘Logistics are the lifeblood of international trade’
​Logistics is the lifeblood of international trade and vice versa, trade is a strong driver for economic growth and poverty reduction, according to a representative of the World Bank. The World Bank has just released the report “Logistics Performance Index 2023 – A measure of countries’ ability to move goods across borders” (LPI). Accordingly, the […]
‘Vietnam still has a lot of potential for logistics industry’
Vice President of BEST Inc. Kenny Wang expects domestic partners to make efficient use of resources and anticipate development trends in 2023. Mr. Kenny Wang – Vice Chairman of BEST Inc. cum General Director of BEST Global had a meeting with post office franchise partners and leaders of BEST Express Vietnam in March and April […]
Folding containers help solve supply chain bottlenecks
5 containers can be folded to fit the area of a traditional container Folding containers can contribute to solving congestion at ports and warehouses, saving costs and protecting the environment. Staxxon, a start-up in the US, is planning to sell containers that can be folded up to one-fifth the size of conventional 6m to 12m […]
Bring logistics to a position worthy of development potential
With a special geographical position located in a dynamic development area of the world, where the flow of goods is very concentrated and exchanges are very strong, Vietnam is considered to have advantages in geo-economics that are very favorable to promote the development of goods and services. Strong production, export and logistics services. In particular, […]
The Vietnamese logistics market is full of potential to develop strongly after the pandemic
Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien speaks at the Forum Plenary Session Logistics market in Vietnam is assessed by the business community (DN) and international organizations as a potential market for strong development , especially after the Covid-19 pandemic is under control and production and business activities recover and grow again. Minister of […]
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