Vice President of BEST Inc. Kenny Wang expects domestic partners to make efficient use of resources and anticipate development trends in 2023.

Mr. Kenny Wang – Vice Chairman of BEST Inc. cum General Director of BEST Global had a meeting with post office franchise partners and leaders of BEST Express Vietnam in March and April this year. After surveying the market, the leader affirmed that although Vietnam is at a boom time for the industry, there is still a lot of potential for breakthroughs and logistics development.


Mr. Kenny Wang – Vice Chairman of BEST Inc. cum General Director of BEST Global. Photo: BEST Express

According to Mr. Wang, Vietnam has a central position in the Asia – Pacific, on the international maritime route. The long coastline that can build deep-water ports is an advantage that helps the S-shaped strip of land to easily integrate into the international economy with many free trade agreements (FTAs)…. The leader of BEST Inc. evaluates this as a potential market to develop the logistics service industry.

According to the Agility 2022 ranking, Vietnam ranks 11th in the group of 50 emerging logistics markets globally. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the period 2022-2027 is forecast to reach 5.5%. In addition, the rapid economic recovery after the pandemic is also a factor contributing to the industry’s rise to this position.

Vietnam is also one of the leading countries in ASEAN in terms of the number of logistics service businesses, licensed by the US Maritime Administration (FMC). The industry’s contribution to annual GDP is at 4-5%. Particularly, e-logistics (electronic logistics) also contributes to promoting the whole industry in Vietnam to improve service quality more professionally and effectively.

Modern automatic sorting conveyor system of BEST Express. Photo: BEST Express

Vice President of BEST Inc. said that the rise of new transport, logistics and supply chain trends in the digital economy has helped Vietnam become an emerging market attracting investment. In particular, the explosion of e-commerce with the “big guys” such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki… provides opportunities for corporations to invest, develop modern logistics infrastructure, and accompany them. supply chain development with enterprises.

At the same time, Vietnamese logistics companies have also made transformational moves, promoting investment in infrastructure, modern warehouses, applying science and technology to automation into operation. This investment not only helps to effectively expand market share, but also contributes to increasing the global value chain.

“In order to turn the logistics market from potential to reality, businesses need to be more proactive in preparing infrastructure, technology platforms and human resources to always keep up with the rhythm of development,” said Mr. Wang. share.

Mr. Wang in the meeting with BEST Express Vietnam team. Photo: BEST Express

Having met and worked with many BEST Express post office franchise partners in Vietnam, the General Director of BEST Express Global realized that they are sensitive to new business models, especially the franchise segment. He also appreciated the flexibility of Vietnamese partners in receiving and deploying high-tech applications in management and operation.

“Seizing the opportunity and being prepared is the way to effectively take advantage of opportunities to develop. The initial stage of business will be difficult, but I believe that Vietnamese partners are skillful and agile enough to soon win the prize. public,” said Mr. Wang.

At the same time, he also emphasized that postal franchise partners need to focus on improving the quality of express delivery services. Customer requirements will be higher and higher. Post offices are forced to upgrade their skills to meet their needs.

The committed leader BEST Inc. will always consider Vietnam as a key investment market. Going forward, BEST Inc. and BEST Express Vietnam will have new policies to help franchisees develop the scale and quality of postal services within the effective exploitation area.

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