– Consulting on determining the cost of imported goods, exported goods, after tax, before tax, determining profit and loss before you sign a foreign trade contract
– Customs procedures according to each type of import and export (business, investment, processing, production, stitching, temporary import for re-export, on-spot import and export, etc.)

– Product policy consulting, HS code application, customs tax calculation, customs price determination, customs inspection, price consultation, post-clearance inspection

– Accept international payment methods: L/C, TT, ..etc

– Tax payment procedures, tax refund procedures, tax exemption procedures, non-tax collection procedures, tax adjustment procedures due to incorrect payment at land border gate customs, port customs, airport customs, regional customs industrial…etc

– Transport of all kinds, sea transport, container transport, retail cargo transportation, tarpaulin truck transportation, oversized cargo transportation, super-heavy cargo transportation, transportation on prohibited roads, transportation cum delivery service pick up, customs package

– Consulting procedures for importing machinery and equipment, tools for creating fixed assets, procedures for applying for permits, lists of tax-free goods, procedures for applying for confirmation of synchronous transmission lines, and applying for C/O.

– Procedures for registration and registration of means of transport of cars, motorbikes, machine tools, plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety quarantine.

– Procedures for plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety quarantine.

– Procedures for quality inspection, product composition announcement, standard conformity announcement, etc

– Procedures for re-export (export and return) of goods that are not of the right quality, type and specification, breach the contract in both cases of customs declaration and not yet customs declaration.

– Consulting on remote customs declaration procedures

– Consulting on electronic customs declaration procedures, registering an account for electronic customs declaration

– Advising on bank guarantee procedures to enjoy tax grace period

– Providing customs declaration software installation service